Wednesday, February 13

Trivial pursuits!! :D

I'm keeping it together here!... it's not easy given that I'm SO DANG TIRED!  Poor Millie... maybe it's teeth, or her six month growth spurt, or teeth AND a six month growth spurt, but whatever it is it means she does. not. sleep.   ... and that means I don't sleep either!!  I'm still following Flylady but for the last week or so I've not done the extra missions, just the daily stuff... all the decluttering I was doing made up for that and the lack of sleep lately has pretty much put me off!!  I'll be back to it as soon as I get a good rest!! :D

Today was a pretty lovely day though all in all! ;D

The morning began slowly as I was so worn out, but I did manage to make up the pancakes that we didn't have for dinner last night.  I don't know what it is about my making pancakes but I always manage to fill the house with smoke!!  I get the pan too hot and the butter scolds... and I'm always so busy cooking I don't notice the smoke until I see it filtering down under the light fixtures....   oops!  The kids and I watched some Nanny 911 again and congratulated ourselves on having a (relatively) sane household!  I guess we watch it for the same reason as people watch Hoarders!!!  At least we aren't as bad as THOSE guys!!! :D I always run a load or two of laundry if I watch TV during the day, that way if people call I can always say "I'm doing some laundry!! "  Ahhh... I'm so glad we don't have to do the laundry on the banks of the river anymore... wouldn't THAT suck!? :D

It was a balmy 54 degrees after lunch so naturally a walk was called for !  I wrangled Millie into the sling  ( not much of a wrangle as she loves it, but the Storchenweige is a trickster and it's been a while since I used it. )  I NEARLY caved and got out the stroller but I managed to hold off and sling her instead!!  It's totally worth it, I love her little baby head under my chin!  The kids and I marched down the street singing Pink songs and a Cher Lloyd song....  When we got home I tried to get Millie to have a nap in her swing.  She fell asleep ( after a bit of work.... ) and so I thought I would like to get some sleep too... I putzed around a bit......   yes.. did you see that...??  I putzed around a bit...  IDIOT!   I'd no sooner texted hubby that I was going for a nap, I mean, I literally hit send.... and what happened???  She woke up.  30 minutes she napped for.  You know how you feel when you are so tired the backs of your eyeballs get scratchy??  and your head hurts??  and you think you could just fall asleep RIGHT THERE...  yeah, that's how this afternoon felt!!  Jessie SO sweetly offered to play with Millie whilst I napped on the couch so I dropped like a rock and slept for about 30 minutes until Millie woke me up.   I felt a bit better so the kids and I made up and played a game using the Trivial Pursuit board and Brain Quest cards!  We've got all different kinds of Brain Quests... math, science, trivia, American history and all different grades so it was a lot of fun, the kids really enjoyed it and the questions were suited for each of us.  Jack won, clever kid!

Once our game was over Millie was growing tired again ( I can't think why!?!?:D ) so I put her back in her swing and sang to her until she closed her eyes so I would stop fell asleep and I decided I'd try for a few more minutes myself!!  I shoved some garlic and sea salt coated potatoes into the oven for baking, stuck on a timer and headed to my bed!!  I climbed in, fully clothed and.....  slept like a rock!!  The next thing I knew, hubby was home with a packet of Ferrero Rocher for me and it was time to get up and watch The Middle!  Jess and I played a game of Battleship ( where we made up our own boats, added sharks and swimmers ) and decided we should make up a new version of that too... either that or a smaller board!?! :D

Anyhooo.. the lack of sleep is starting to get to me again and so I'm soon headed to my bed!  Millie is all ready for bed and snoozing away in her swing...  Oh pleasepleaseplease may she sleep for a few hours in a row tonight... pleasepleaseplease!! :D

Happy Valentine's Day to you all for tomorrow... I hope you have a wonderful day full of whatever you hoped ...!!

Night night.....!!!

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