Thursday, February 14

Happy Hallmark Card Day! :D

My Valentine's / Hallmark Card / Chocolate Day card!!

My day started out just lovely with a handmade card from Jessie and Jack!  Jess had used flavored lip balm to adhere the glitter to it so it smells lovely too!! ;D  
Millie was 6 months old yesterday!

Millie had slept really quite well last night... not awesome by any means, but much better than of late, so that was helpful!  

Hubby had booked a table for lunch for us at The Venue and I had to meet him there at 11:30 so at 9am I started getting ready!!  I remember in days of Yore when I would spend HOURS getting ready to go out...!  Shaving my legs, painting my nails, having a bath, faffing with my hair, putting on make up, choosing an outfit etc etc etc!  This time I did take the time to redo my finger nails, have a shower, put on make up, that sort of thing. Since my vast clear out and minimalization kick I realised I had practically nothing to wear!  I managed to find a black and white dress and some high black heels to wear... I also took a change of clothes with me incase I needed to nurse Millie since in that particular dress the only way I would be able to nurse her would be to take the dress off completely.  Hmm.  Not exactly "discreet" nursing.....!! ;D   I got Millie dressed in her Valentine's garb and headed out!  The two big kids were more than happy to get an hour or two to themselves and Jess does a great job of looking after them.  

The restaurant and lunch was lovely!  Millie woke from her car induced nap only moments after our arrival ( I had naively hoped she might sleep through!) so we had to contend with her a little.  Rex brought me a single red rose and a sweet card, I ate Lavosh for lunch with cheesecake for dessert... oh so good.  We were able to linger over lunch a bit and then he headed back to work and I headed home.  I picked up the kids and we headed out to the co-op Drama class.  My friend Shawna was there with her daughter and I hadn't seen her since before Christmas so we had a lovely long chat.  She's such a lovely lady, I really enjoy her company and Jess and her daughter get along great too! 

After drama it was back home to find the mail lady had been!  I had a package from my Mum and the mail lady had left a little gift bag with three boxes of candy hearts in... one for each kiddo!  I ate Millie's of course... she'll get them later! :D  It had started to get cold so I put on my heart covered pj pants and the kids and I loafed in front of Nanny 911... actually I didn't loaf as much as I would have liked as I spent a great deal of time getting Millie to go to sleep in her swing.... Once I got her down she napped for THREE HOURS!!  I told her she was tired!  

Dinner was delicious... I made ratatouille.... obviously the recent movie watching got  me thinking about it!  It's so yummy though!  After dinner we watched Big Bang and Jess and Daddy made paper airplanes!  

Now everything is as it should be...!  Kitchen is cleaned up, dishwasher is set to go, the kids are sleeping and the kettle has just boiled..... time to relax until tomorrow!  BOY these weeks go by fast! :D 

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