Sunday, February 17

Cruising through the weekend.

Another up and down night last night... ( oh when will this crazy END?!? ) but also another lovely start to the day thanks to the kiddoes bringing us cups of tea and coffee in bed again! ;D  SO wonderful to start that way! :D   Jessie had gone downstairs this morning and found Jack on the couch reading Millie's books!  It's always lovely to see a kid with his or her head in a book!  It happens a lot around here, but usually it's with Jessie!  It's good to see Jack picking up the habit!

I didn't do a great deal of anything much today.  Hubster went out with his friend this morning as they do most Sunday mornings.  The kids and I had some breakfast and ... oh yeah... we watched a National Geographic show about the world's biggest cruise ship!  I'd been watching You Tube video's on Cruise Ship Disasters and the one about the world's biggest ship came along too!  We can watch You Tube on our TV so we set it up and watched it.  It was absolutely fascinating to me!  I love stuff like that!  I don't think I'd EVER go on a cruise, but it was fun to watch the show!

Jessie and I played some Words with Friends games and then, when Millie went for her morning nap, I took the dog out for a quick walk in the fresh air.  When I got home hubby was back and was fixing some light fixtures for me that had burned out bulbs.  I spent some time on Face Time with my Mum and I sat Millie in front of the window to look outside.  She'd never done that before and she was fascinated by it!  Isn't it funny to think that there is a first time to sit by a window and look out!!?!

I spent some time on line browsing through all sorts of neat blogs and Pinterest pages for things to do with toddlers...!!  SO many fabulous ideas!  I'm going to be overwhelmed before long with all the neat things there are to do!  I'm sure there weren't this many things out there 10 years ago when Jack was a baby!   I've also been online trying to sell some of my stuff from my closet clear out... There's a Facebook consignment group I belong to but so far no one wants to buy what I'm selling!!!  Rex and Jack spent some time playing Wii together in the basement.  They both really enjoy it and Jack LOVES the special time he gets with Dad that way.  They seems to have a great time playing!  Later Hubby took Jack out to the store with him to pick up one or two groceries and to get the van washed for me.   The rest of the day was spent with Words With Friends, Raising Hope and eating junky treats!  I did make a nice leek soup for dinner but I don't think I could possibly eat enough of it to make up for all the cookies and chocolate I ate too.  Ah well...!! ;D Grapefruit for breakfast will make me feel better!! ... so would 100 sit ups I suppose...!!

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