Sunday, January 20

Sunday..... renew your spirit day... ahhhhhhh!!!

That was a peaceful ahhhhhhh not a screaming AHHHHHHH!!!!

Today was lovely.  I had decided that in order to "renew my spirit" I was only going to do things For Me today.  Well of course and Millie.... I have to feed and change and play with and cuddle her, and of course for the kids, I have to make them lunch and pay some attention to them.... and of course for hubby, I have to make dinner and clean the kitchen and put Jack to bed but other than THAT I was only going to do things for me.  LOL!!!   Yeah.  I actually brought a book down to read today and realise now I haven't even cracked the spine!! ;D I still managed a fairly relaxed day though.  We lit a fire and watched a ton of Frasier, I played Words With Friends and took Jessie and Millie out to Michael's to buy new beads and string for Jessie to make bead things with.  We had a lovely dinner, ate a ton of chocolate, drank ample amounts of tea and coffee and generally just lazed about.  It was super. I sort of wish tomorrow was Sunday too!!  Even though we stay home and homeschool it does make a difference what day it is!  Hubby goes out to work, things need to get done in the house...  I can fight it all I like but I still have Things To Do!!

Anyway, I'm waffling on, so I'll go and spend a little more fireplace time before bed!!

See you tomorrow... where Flylady has us working in the Master Bedroom!  Oh boy! ;D

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