Wednesday, January 23

9 hours sleep doesn't buy you as much as it used to!

Oh boy!!  I got NINE HOURS of sleep last night!!!  Ok.. I didn't get nine hours, Millie did, but that translates to me getting EIGHT FULL HOURS SLEEP!!!!!!  Oh MY!!!!!!!   Honestly when I woke up and looked at the clock I was dumbfounded!!!!  I felt like Cinderella when she wakes up in the morning and the bluebirds are twittering around her head and it's all peaceful and Vivaldi is playing the four seasons and and and .....   SCREEECH.....!!  Cue the sound of a needle scratching over a record ( oh god....  the Young 'uns won't have a clue what I'm talking about......)  anyhow.... today started off awesome and quickly slipped into insanity.  I feel like I should be sat here chuckling and looking sideways at the wall whilst sucking my fingers....   This house CAN be a bit of a nut farm once in a while.  It starts out simply enough... I might state the intention to put a basket of laundry in the washing machine.  No biggie, I'll do it after breakfast.... only ... breakfast never comes.... somebody wants something, then someone else wants something else... the dog wants out, the phone rings, a kid needs help pouring milk, another kid needs help with math, the baby cries, the dog wants back in, the phone rings again, kid with milk now needs help with bridge building, kid with math needs more help with math.  Baby wants me to pick up her blocks so she can throw them again... PHONE RINGS.......  Good grief!!  Somedays, MOST days the phone doesn't ring at all and I'm totally OK with that... today it was ringing off the wall !!  I didn't get the laundry IN the machine until 4 pm.  I brought it down with me when I got up at 8.

The kids and I had a fun day....  More French... this time.... "Can you speak more slowly please?"  and "Where are we on this map?"  LOL!  I LOVE how all our phrases demonstrate a COMPLETE lack of faith in our capabilities!!! :D  We also played Land the Plane on our US map.  I can't tell you or comprehend WHY the kids love this game so much!!  Jessie was LITERALLY jumping off the ground  with excitement to play it.  Barmy kid.
Absolute lunacy.

And Millie quietly looks on!!

  Jack plays a game on the iPad called Bridge Odyssey or some such where he has to construct bridges to carry animals across yawning chasms.  He really enjoys it so I thought it might be fun for him to construct a real bridge from Tinker Toys from a chair to the table! It was great fun and Jessie and I joined him in building.... it was very hard to stay out of it really!!  What I liked best though was when Jack opened up the iPad and turned on the game so we would have Theme Music for our building!!!

Donkey Kong tries out the bridge! 

I finally got Jack signed up on Kahn Academy for Math so he can have his own page and I can keep a good track of how he's doing.  He started it today and they worked on number recognition using blocks and so on.  He really enjoyed that and kept wanting to do more and more and more!

We decided, since it was a whopping 34 degrees and sunshiney out, that a nice walk to the post office would be a lovely treat.  I have barely been outdoors in weeks!  We bundled up a bit, got the lead on the dog, fielded yet ANOTHER phone call and headed out!!  Brr... brisk out....  walk fast.....   YIKES the wind is COLD walk faster.....  RUN KIDS!!  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!  SAVE YOUR SELVES!!!!..... Holy MOLY.  Next time I'll be sure to check the wind chill.....   Shudder.

We got home and warmed ourselves right back up with chocolate milk and a bit of was then that I got to the laundry and to putting on some rice for dinner!  We are STILL managing to eat from the pantry and had a really tasty dinner of rice with beans, onions and sausages !!!  Delicious!

The flylady task today was to clean off the tops of the door and windows in the bedroom!  Easy McPeasy.  Took me five minutes tops!  I like the quick ones!!  My friend April sent me a link to this app for the iPod called Carrot which is basically a To Do list with attitude!  I downloaded it and plugged in my chores.... so far I've made 100 points and I think I may have annoyed it! :D
We ended the day peacefully with me reading some of Treasure Island to Jack as he snuggled up in bed!

Yo Ho Ho.... mmm... RUM....!!! :D  Night all!!

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