Saturday, January 19

Saturday night's alright... I guess..!! :D

Today was lovely!  Charlotte had spent the night so the kids were up at the crack of dawn and playing. Well, the two BIG girls were anyway.  Jack slept in until 8:30 which is unheard of for him.  We had to go in and make sure he was still breathing.  Millie did her usual up and then sleeping and then up and sleeping some more...  I did my best to get some extra sleep this morning but it just didn't work out that way.  Hubby and I spent some time together looking at stuff online, Mary arrived to collect Charlotte and we conned her into staying for a cuppa and a chat!  After they left the boys went to play Wii and I made us some lunch  heated up some soup from a box.  !!  We sat in the living room and dozed in front of a fascinating show about Egyptian Pharaohs.  It was kind of neat to look back and recall when the kids and I were studying the Egyptians....  we built pyramids and a model of Egypt and the Nile... all that stuff!!  Jessie said she remembered some of it!! :D  It was pretty interesting!  After lunch we pretty much just putzed around!!  I folded some laundry... I remember taking it out of the drier and thinking "Oh!  I can watch an episode of Frasier and fold laundry!!"  LOL!!  Meh, I just folded it quick and took it upstairs  ( full disclosure, it's still in the basket....!! )

I made a breakfast casserole for dinner tonight... the same as the one I made on Christmas Morning.... but THIS time I remembered to put in the eggs.  All twelve of them.  Yeah.   They make a difference, those eggs.

We had a bit of drama where we thought we'd lost the cat.  We searched high and low and finally found him in our tornado shelter under the stairs.  I guess he must have gone in there yesterday because no one remembers opening the door today!  Crazy kitty.  I guess he'll be more careful next time..
My pretty kitty, Herman. 

Well I'm having a little drink of Bailey's as I type and I have to say I'm getting a nice warm feeling.  Think I'll stop now and go snooze watch TV for a while!

Toodles!!!  **insert finger wave**

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