Thursday, January 24

Hey there! :D

OMG I'm going to have to type so fast!!!  What a busy day and I've still got a bunch to do and we have to leave early in the morning to go to Omaha for an appointment and then when we get back we have to get the house ready for Alicia and her gang ( HUZZAH!!  it's been so LONG!!!) to come and Mary and Charlotte are coming too and I think Charlotte's going to stay too and ....... breeeeeathe..........!!!


Got a good night's sleep last night....  5 hours... not too bad!!  It's no 9 hours, but I'll TAKE it !! :D  Had a lovely time with the kiddoes, played our geography game again with a cunning twist from Jessie!!  Both kids did their Kahn academy math, Jack worked more on his number recognition.  He did some physics on an iPad game, I chatted on the phone with dear Uncle Weldon for a while and also had a brief chat with me Ma...!!  I did a couple of loads of laundry, made bread rolls for lunch and made a pasta bake and a fruit cobbler for dessert STILL without having had to buy any extra ingredients!!!  ( We are now OUT of white sugar and butter....!) ...  Now the kids are ALL sleeping, my Flylady chores are done ( today's mission... clear off the bedside table... looks lovely now! ) the spare room is made up for the tribe, and Jack's, Millie's and my clothes are all laid out and ready for morning.  The kitchen is a disaster area though, so I'm going to go and clean that up, pick up Millie's blankets and then maybe sit for half an hour and fall asleep watch TV!!


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