Saturday, January 26

OMG WHAT a busy day !!!

We got up at 6 this morning to take Jack to Omaha to get his ears tested....  the doc said his ears look good... he has minor hearing loss but it's not enough to worry about!  After the hearing test we had a quick visit with Michele to drop of something for her, a quick stop at the mall for Rex then back to Lincoln for Chipotle for lunch.  After lunch we headed home after dropping Rex off at work and I started to get ready for the Bayer / Hrdlicka bunch's arrival....  !!  Mary arrived with Charlotte for a visit and Charlotte decided she would like to stay too!  The Bayer bunch arrived and there was much excitement and joy!  We managed to make dinner with rice, carrots and broccoli. ( I say we, I mean Alicia!!  She's awesome!)  Then Jessica's friend Jessica (!) called and said she would like to stay the night too....!!  So tonight we have Me, Hubby, Jessie, Jack, Millie, Alicia, Daryl, Victoria, Anna, Jack, Alex, Fiona, Charlotte and Jessica sleeping over !!!  It's a full house but we love it !! :D

I can't really type though as I'm chatting at the same time!!! :D

Still have to clear off my dresser this evening in order to get my Flylady mission today... it may have to wait until tomorrow!!

Night all!!

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