Monday, January 21

Monday..... Booooo!!! (now with PICTURES!)

***... sorry about all the alliteration!  Must be too much coffee.... though... it IS decaf....!!??***
Wow!  Mondays STINK!!  Even when I'm at home with the kids like every other day, for some reason, for us, Mondays are a big fat ppttthhhh.   Still!  Got lots done again!!!  Hee heee!!  I stripped my bed and washed the bedding... I didn't bother with Jack's this week as he is sleeping in a sleeping bag on top of his bed... don't ask... it's not an interesting story...!!  Jess decided she didn't want to wash her bedding.. so it was just mine and the wee one's!  Today's mission was to clean under the bed and since I'm a bit of a fuss pot about things being "UNDER" other things, there was nothing under our bed but piles of dust and hair.  Yum.  I got the vacuum out and took care of that tout suite!  I also did the usual Whole House cleaning stuff but just remembered I didn't do the windows.  Oh dear... !!  

We did lots of OTHER stuff today too!!   We learned some Fun French Frases... ( yes I know... PH, not F....)  The first one translates to "Does anyone here speak English?"!  It amuses me that this was the first phrase Jessie wanted to learn!! :D  We marched around the house chanting the phrase in rhythm!  It was a heap of fun!!!  ( Jack's phrase was "Where are the toilets?"  LOL!!! )  We learned a little about France, Jack drew the Eiffel Tower and the French Flag.  Jessie worked on Khan academy and editing her book.  Jack built a huge contraption out of Tinker Toys and did some phonics on a new program I downloaded for the iPad.  We watched some of the inauguration, learned a quote from Martin Luther King and watched Frasier over lunch! ( of course! )  

Oh... and it snowed.  Just an inch, but it looked pretty as it fell... lovely big fluffy flakes!  My favorite!! (alliteration alert!)

Oh and one more thing... I've decided to not buy any groceries this week and to only use food that is already in the house.  We have tons of stuff ( not tons LITERALLY, but A LOT ) that we seem to be storing...!  Dried beans, lentils, canned goods, rice... and yet week after week we buy in more food ( at great expense ) to add to the ever growing pile!!  NO MORE I say!!!  So today I made us beans and rice for lunch and cornbread to use up the cornmeal in the pantry!  The kids were ecstatic! Lunch was lovely and just what we needed with the snow and all!!

So anyway, I was in the mood to capture the moments so here ya go.... this happened today....

Cornbread on the couch! Comfy!

Tried to capture the big flakes... didn't....!

Jack's BIG contraption!

Nap time! :D 

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