Saturday, January 26

Fun FUN fun!! :D

It's always a blast when the circus Alicia comes to town!!  This morning we got up about 8:00 ish and putzed around a bit trying to get going KNOWING that at 9am Shawn and her family would be arriving to visit!!  We kept telling each other "We should REALLY go and get dressed...." but at 9 am as Shawn and the gang drove up we were all in somewhat of a shambolic state! :D  We covered it pretty well I think!! :D

Alicia made Apple Cake ( Gluten free no less! ) for breakfast using the apples she had brought along and assorted ingredients remaining in my pantry! ;D  I DID break down and have Rex buy some real sugar though.. apparently having powdered sugar in your tea is less than satisfactory and the poor woman, she does LOVE her tea when she visits!! :D  LOL!!

Shawn and family stayed for an hour or so and got to visit, they hadn't met Alicia before so it was nice for them to put a face to the name!  The kids then all played outside in the balmy 64 degree winter day!!   Then at about 1:30 Jessica A's mother came to pick her up, then Mary came to get Charlotte.  We begged Mary to stay longer and visit with us and the kids played and played some more!!

We managed to make potato soup for dinner which was SO good and then we played some games with the place mats...(!!) We have presidents and states place mats so we played guess the VP, name the capitols etc...!!    The kids played and played some more and more and the babies ate and ate!  Now everyone is winding down, Millie is sleeping, Jack is refusing to go to bed ( meaning I left it too late... uh oh!! ) and Jess and Anna are playing Rock Star or something or other!!!

Flylady's mission today is Family Fun Day and I think we have THAT covered!!! :D

Night all! 'D

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