Tuesday, January 22

Tuesday !! ;D ( sheesh, I had to write that three times!! Must be tired! )

So I changed the blog format.... you like?!!?

Today was excellent!  Started off screwy, I kept dropping things, I tried to make some folders on my iPad and was driven to the point of insanity by it...  I had Jessie help me... she rules!!

Later I had all the children sitting at the table trying to do school..... ahem...... Jessie was working on decimals through Khan academy, Jack and I were working on the iPad doing Math on the chalkboard app and Millie... well Millie was having a wonderful time throwing her toys, puking on things and squealing at the top of her lungs!!! ;D

Millie likes to eat the table.

Working hard!

Math master!

We did some more of our French language learning and all learned a new phrase... today's phrase was "Can you write it down for me please!!" ...  ( I see we have NO faith in our language abilities!)  and we played a game  about Europe to learn the countries.  Oh and we also learned a new card trick that wowed us no end.  We couldn't wait for Daddy to come home so we could show it to him!  We dramatically dealt out the cards, he picked his pile, we did all our hocus pocus....  drew out his card ....aaaaaaaand..... nope.  That wasn't it.  Shoot.  Tried again.... nope.  He was nonplussed.  Tsk.  Back to the computer and a recheck. Turns out I had stacked them wrong.  Doh!  Not so impressive that way!!  One more time and we got it right!  MUCH better!!!

I did all my Flylady chores PLUS I took down our bathroom curtains and washed, dried (IRONED) and put them back up! (I KNOW!!!!)  I did the Flylady mission which was to go through the sock drawer and weed out any that don't get used.  I did one better and went through my underwear, sock and nightwear drawer and threw out all sorts of unmentionables! :D  

For lunch we are still keeping to our using up the pantry plan so I made the kids white beans and bacon!  O. M. G.  it's sooo good!  I totally felt like a cowboy on the range or something but MAN that stuff is delicious! Filling too!!  For dessert I wanted to use up some canned organic pumpkin we have so I made pumpkin muffin donuts ( or something like that)  oh BOY they were good!  Once I made them I had to run to the bookmobile to return some movies and I instructed the kids not to even TOUCH them until I got back!  I had to race back home when it was discovered that I had forgotten to put a disk back in the box... so many times I have done that .....  Oh and when I was there, the library lady, Rebecca, told me that two of her stops were schools and of those two schools each had reported finding a dollar bill in their books!!!  (!!)  One lady said a little boy ( and I think they were kindergarden age) found a dollar.  His teacher is very sick and they have a collection fund for medical care for her.... he put his dollar in the collection!!!  I think that is freaking awesome!!!  I'm so thrilled that the little boy got a chance to pass it on....!  Wonderful wonderful!!  Aaaaaaanyhoooo.  I finally got home and we raced around to get everything set up... I put some laundry in to assuage any guilt, made a big cup of coffee, curled up on the couch with my baby and my muffin / donut thing and... yes.... an episode of Frasier!  What a treat!! :D

Oh!  And Millie slept for over 5 hours last night!!  Finally!!!  She had been consistently sleeping well for ages then suddenly she began waking every two hours or something.  I'd only need to nurse her for about 10 minutes or so, but still, waking up that frequently wasn't working for mama.   I couldn't think what was going on... I wasn't drinking caffeine... or alcohol...  just having one or two ( or SIX) dark chocolates every night before bed.  .....     oh.     yeah.    Dumb.

So, once I cut out the nightly chocs I got a good night's sleep.  TOTALLY WORTH IT !!!!

Fingers crossed for a repeat tonight!!

Oh oh oh and one MORE thing.... I got a call from the Funny Bone comedy club in Omaha today!  My name had been randomly pulled from their database to win four tickets to their comedy club this weekend to see Chris Rock's brother perform!!!  Hah!!!!  I told them we couldn't use them, but it was cool to win!!  :D

So...  yeah.... awesome day!!!

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