Saturday, January 12

Saturday...Family day!

 Today was the day of the memorial service and funeral for my friend Alaina and so I'd been thinking about her since I woke up this morning.  I then got to thinking about baby Jacob, my Aunt B, my Grannie, my Grandpa, my family friend Derrick, our beloved dog Brecon.... and on and on.   It's scary and sad as you get older and you begin to experience people and pets dying.  And you hope it's when you get older, but tragically some people experience loss when they are only young...   oy, so very sad. At the hour of her service my sweet husband set a candle on the table and lit it for her.  Later we hung some bells and some bird food in our magnolia tree.  I can see it out of my kitchen window.  I was given the tree for Mother's Day some years back and it seemed a perfect place to put a memorial for Alaina.

We spent the rest of the day getting hair cuts, having burrito bowls at Chipotle ( oh boy! ), stopping in at Starbucks to visit hubby's photos which are hanging on the wall there, and sitting by the fire.  Baby is starting to get close to rolling over.  She's taking her sweet time WHICH IS FINE BY ME!!!  Gah.. I can't imagine how crazy it's going to be once that little girl can crawl!!!

Jessie was out at a sleep over last night and she came home whilst we were still out.  Luckily she knew where the key was and was able to let herself in the house.  She called once she got inside and we were only 5 minutes away from arriving home.  When it's only 17 degrees outside she needs to be able to get inside fast.  Yikes.  Glad we had a spare!

Anyway, once again the kiddoes are now sleeping.  The clock on the wall is tick tocking, the fire is crackling away and I can hear the murmur of the TV from the other room.  I think a nice warm something something sounds about right for tonight.  I'll raise my glass to Alaina and everyone else who has passed on.  I can imagine them as diaphanous beings floating just off the Earth's surface.  They are away to new things, new horizons, new beginnings.  I miss them and I wish them well....  Godspeed out there.  Godspeed.