Tuesday, January 8


Today was a looong day!  Woke up early to miss M chatting away, she fell asleep again but I got up and got ready for the day.  Mum was getting ready to go back to England this morning and much as we argue and fight sometimes when she is here, I knew I was also going to miss her terribly.  It's a crazy wheel she and I are on.  She is a HUGE help with the kids and really helps me with chores, laundry, dinner....  It's going to be a trick to keep things running smoothly with her not here....  :(    Anyhoo... Hubby came home around lunch time and took Mum to the airport.  We normally go too but Mum suggested that she just go alone this time, to dispose of the long goodbyes which are painful for us all but especially for her.  This way was more like a bandaid I think.  So off they went and I set to getting my chores done for the day.  Today's mission was to wash the cabinet doors in the kitchen.  Oh boy.  I HAVE done this in the past 10 years, but you wouldn't know it from looking at my doors!!!  It took me a bit more than the allotted 15 minutes to get them cleaned, but they look SO nice now!!  Today's Holiday Mission was to go through the Holiday Control Journal ( which I downloaded years ago! ) and to review Christmas with regard to any changes I might want to make or things to try again and so on.  I did actually get to do that tonight but I may also do some more tomorrow... I found an old Control Journal FROM 2002 !!  ... it needs updating!! ;D    Tuesday is Plan and Play day so I took sometime to make a menu for next week!!!  (HAH!!!) and am pretty happy about that!!  As for the Play part I took the kids for a walk this afternoon to the Bookmobile.  ... It was a balmy 41 degrees out but I think we may have dressed a little cooly for the  weather!!  It was a BRISK walk!  But then, of course, once we reached the van....

Sorry... had to stop for a moment to clean up after a PUKING CAT.  What is WITH that damn cat?!?!

..once we reached the van they had the heat on HIGH and there were other patrons in there too... it was SO hot and claustrophobic I had to leave pretty quick! I usually hang out and visit with Rebecca who runs the van but I couldn't stand it this time!!  We got a ton of books out though and hustled home through the thawing snow.

So, there ya have it!  An exciting day, right?!? :D  Mum has texted me from the airport... she's in Canada now....  good to know how she's getting along but BOY what a long day it will be for her.. She's still got to get to Heathrow, then to a bus to the town her car is in THEN hours of driving before she gets home.  It's hard to really relax until I know she's home safe and sound.

Anyhoo... time for me to shower and lay out my clothes for morning!  I've found that REALLY speeds things up for me... also to have Millie's stuff all laid out too... HUGE help with getting the day going!!

G'night all!! ;D

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