Monday, January 7

Monday Monday...!

Today was a good day..!  Flylady suggests today as Whole House Cleaning Day and back in the day I used to get my house cleaned in an hour... sheets stripped, washed and changed, trashcans emptied all through the house, vacuumed all through the house, windows and mirrors cleaned, papers purged, floor in kitchen washed... all in about an hour.  THAT was Before Miss Millie of course!!!  Today I made a good start, I strapped Millie into her sling and we set off!  We got the vacuuming done, I chose to strip the beds later in the week as Mum is leaving tomorrow and I'll do hers then too.  We cleaned the bathrooms and emptied the trash, I cleaned the mirrors and took out the recycling... then I worked on today's zone mission. This week's zone is the kitchen and the mission was to clean UP... any cobwebs on the ceiling, light fixtures and the top of the fridge.  Oh boy.  It's like I'd NEVER cleaned up there!!  The DUST was so thick!!!  I gave it a good clean though and I also took down our light fixture and cleaned it.  (I've NEVER done that!)  When hubs got home I told him I'd cleaned it, he shielded his eyes and flicked on the switch!  It's RIDICULOUS how much brighter the light shone !!!!

I also FINALLY got the trees out of the house.  I'd taken all the ornaments off a few days ago but left the trees with just their lights.  Today as it was so warm ( 43 degrees ) it felt like the day to get them out.  Both trees out, all needles swept up and away OH!  I also took my vacuum cleaner and washed the canister and filter today!! I'm shocked at how much filth we store in our carpets... how gross! : }

Anyway, yes, it was a busy day!  I couldn't have done it without help from Mum and Jessie though!!  Millie needs tons of attention and though she loves being in the sling, it was KILLING my back trying to clean the floor with her on my chest and taken down the tree would have been rather eye pokey!!

In other news... Papa Murphy's Thin Crust Pizza for dinner!!!  ( Hawaiian for me!! )


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