Thursday, January 10

Rainy days and Thursdays!

Today was one of my favorite kinds of days!  Rainy, chilly and gloomy!!!  Whenever we get a day like that, I know it's a perfect day to stay indoors, sit by the fire and relax!  Today we did just that!!  I did do my Flylady mission of course, which was to wipe off all the counters in the kitchen.. Here's where having a teeny kitchen really helps!!  It took me all of 5 minutes to do!!  I did also wash, dry and fold a load of laundry but somehow when you fold it sitting in front of a fire, it doesn't seem so much work!!  I did have to go out for a moment to get some more milk this morning, and since I was out anyway I thought the kids might enjoy a donut... so we made some hot chocolate, took our donuts, sat by the fire and watched reruns of Frasier on Netflix!!  It was such a peaceful day!

In the afternoon I thought I would do a little "school" with Jack... ( Jessie had worked on some math in the morning on the Kahn academy website) so I tried this neat idea I'd seen on a website today.  I got a large piece of paper and drew a road on it with several parking spaces.  In the parking spaces I wrote words or numbers and then Jack had to drive his car into the right spots!  He LOVED this game and kept begging me to play more!  We'll play more tomorrow I expect!

As of right now we have had dinner, the counters are clean, dishwasher is loaded and MILLIE IS TRYING TO EAT MY ARM as I type!!  She's sucking  on it so hard I'm afraid she's going to leave a mark!!!  I guess I should get her some milk!!

Until tomorrow then!!!


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