Sunday, January 6


Sunday is "renew your spirit day" and Flylady suggests curling up with a good book, going to a movie, taking a long hot bubble bath... basically something just for you.  I chose taking everyone to breakfast!! ;D  Rex was out with his bud moving a water heater so I took my Mum, Jess, Jack and Miss Millie out to breakfast.  We got there at the exact right time.  Late enough that we missed the folks who wanted to eat BEFORE church and early enough to miss all the peeps who wait to eat AFTER church.  Believe me you don't want to get there with the THOUSANDS of faithful who pour out of the huge churches in the area!  So we had a lovely breakfast and before our meal even arrived Hubby came to share it with us.  He just had coffee ( since he'd already eaten) and he held the baby whilst I ate!!  We played many rousing games of 20 questions with topics ranging from The Eiffel Tower to Stuart Little, to a chef's hat to primordial ooze!!  It was huge fun!  We had several tables around us listening in!  Jess asked if that could be how we do our homeschool from now on...!!! ;D  Once we'd finally finished breakfast and left the restaurant we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  The kids came with me and we made a game of them trying to find items on my list and timing their results!  They had a blast and I barely had to do anything!! We headed home and Mum and I sat on the couch watching episode after episode of Frasier whilst crocheting ( Mum ) and felting ( me ).  It grew cold as the afternoon wore on so we lit a fire and, since we were watching Frasier, we each had a glass of sherry!  Now dinner has been eaten, the kitchen is almost completely tidy, Millie and Jack are both sleeping and I have a nice warm glow in my insides!!  My spirit feels renewed!  Whole house cleaning day tomorrow!

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