Friday, January 11

Fun Friday! ;D

I'm getting the hang of this I think!!!  Again up and dressed... lah lah lah BUT I got up later this morning.  Baby slept in, hubby was sleeping in Jack's bed since Jack got up at 3, I'd been up with baby several times in the night and was exhausted and SO ON ....  tsk... BUT I didn't freak out that I wasn't up first, it didn't throw me off course, I just picked up where I was and got on with my tasks!!  (It's a big deal to me folks!!)

Jessie was going to a sleep over tonight and Mary, our lovely friend, was coming over to pick her up, so after a quick trip to Super Target we came home, I fling boogied the van and swept and mopped my floor (including under the fridge... good GOD does anyone look under their fridge?!?  HOW is there so much hair under there?!?!?!)  then we lit a fire again and I quickly baked some oatmeal and raisin cookies.  Mary arrived, we had lovely cup of tea and a chat then they were off... and I was alone....with Jack and the baby.  Hmmm... no problem.... I can handle this.... then.....   wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaa......!!!    and that was just ME!!  LOL!!   Millie started to fuss.  She was hungry and it was "that time of night"  where she wants to constantly eat, then she sleeps a while, then she eats some more!!  I called Rex to check when he was coming home!!  I gave Millie some milk and she went right to sleep so I quickly picked up a bit and then started to think about dinner.  I knew we were having chicken, just not sure what I was going to do with it...  I got Jacques Pepin's cookbook in the mail today and he had a recipe for asparagus that looked good!   I just happened to have some asparagus in the fridge so we had chicken and asparagus with a mustard sauce...  yummy! Jack asked if we could sit at the table to eat ( I KNOW!!) and he ate every bit of his food!  Rex enjoyed it so much he asked afterward for the check!!  Hah hah!!  I got the kitchen all cleaned up, sink shiny and dishwasher loaded and ready to go.  Right now Jack and Millie are both sleeping and hubster is waiting for my company in front of a crackling fire...!!  So, friends, I bid you adieu!

Night all!!

(night night Jessie, if you are reading this....!! xx)

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