Sunday, January 13

Sunday is renew your spirit day. I think I missed it.

Hmmm.  Went to bed too late last night.  Millie woke up a dozen  three times and Jack ended up in our bed around 3am.  He's 10 years old, BIG and wriggly.  It Does Not Work Well.  Hubby went out with his buddy around 9 and then every thing went downhill.  The fire would NOT start.  I got it going enough that I couldn't then shut the flue and be done with it so I had to sit there and basically watch all the heat in the house disappear up the chimney.  It was FREEEEZING today too.  I tried and tried with the fire, no luck.  Millie would NOT nap.  No sir.  5 minutes?  Sure.  Ten?  Nope.  That couple of hours I'd planned on.... hahahahahaaaaa  are you kidding me?!?  AaArrrgghh.  I had hoped to "Do Something for Myself" today....  Flylady suggests "read a book, take a hot bath, watch a favorite movie...."   Hah.  I had hoped to redo my nail polish on my toes ( TMI? ) and maybe henna my hair.  But noooo.  Millie said Noooooo.  LOL!!  ( well, I wasn't really laughing to be honest. )  Then the other two would occasionally spat with each other. Which I didn't take well.  At all.  It was basically a powder keg.  Then poor Rex got home.


Poor guy.

He wasn't entirely sure what hit him I think.   He DID get the fire going, first thing.  Then he made me a cup of tea since I had started making one about 3 hours ago and hadn't got beyond putting in the milk.  He made me lunch... The big kids had eaten thanks to Jessie...!!  I finally managed to get my nails and hair done but it was a struggle I tell ya.  That baby didn't sleep all dang day.  I finally knocked her out with some milk at 5 ish.  She woke for her 8:30 feed and then played for a while on the blanket.  She's SOOOO close to rolling over.. any day now!

It's now ten pm and I'm ready for this day to be over.  I've been a crotchety old bat all day long and I'm not proud of it at all.  Somehow I feel I am owed this day to myself and I'm just not going to get it at this time of my life!  Having Millie has thrown me for a curve... I couldn't love her more but I'd got used to sleeping through the night and being able to go out by myself once in a while....  it's still a culture shock to me and I'm taking a long time getting used to it!!  Ah well...she's worth it!!

Night all!

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