Sunday, January 27

Sunday.... renew your spirit and all that jazz! :D

The Bayer / Hrdlicka clan went home this morning leaving a huge hole in their's always so quiet when they leave....  not meaning that they are a noisy bunch, just that there is always someBODY someWHERE to talk to, have a cup of tea with, play with, sit with.... when they leave the house just seems so EMPTY!  Anyway, they set off early because the weather was due to be foul in Minnesota and they needed to reach MN before a) it got worse and b) it got dark.  They called this evening and had made it home safe and sound.  So, once they drove off I decided to spend sometime cleaning up and then dedicated the rest of the day to sitting by the fire, reading, crocheting and... yes... a little Frasier!!  

I cleaned up the basement, swept up popcorn, picked up glasses and plates, put away the tumbling mats, switched off the wii, stripped the bed in the guest room, ran the bedding through the laundry, cleaned up the dining room, vacuumed up MORE popcorn ( whenever my kids have popcorn somehow it manages to get EVERYWHERE!!!) vacuumed the living room, cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher and tidied up Jessie's room.  She had worked really hard lately to get her room nice and clean but you can imagine after having 3 girls in it all weekend long it got rather messed up!  I knew she was going to be so disheartened to see it messy and she gets overwhelmed trying to clean it up so I did it for her.  It doesn't take me long, somehow I've learned how to quickly tidy a room and she was so thrilled when she saw what I'd done!  Anyway, once the house was tidy hubby lit the fire and we spent the rest of the day loafing around.  It was a rainy old day ... perfect for loafing!

Millie decided that SHE was going to do something today though.....  she rolled over!!! :D  Yeahy Millie!!  To be honest I wasn't in a hurry for her to roll since we all know what comes next.... crawling. Oh boy...!! ;D

Here's a few pics from our weekend... Enjoy!!

My Miss Millie!

Alicia with her baby, Fiona and my little cherub!


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