Saturday, May 1

Spoiled rotten me. !!

This morning we got a late start as I stayed in bed until 10am!!! It sounds decadent but not when you consider that I spent most of the night trying to turn myself inside out!!! (ugh!!) I DID wake up 2 pounds lighter though, so yeahy!..I guess!! ;D


Once we were up and moving we got ready to go to Omaha for the day. We were looking for a new tent for "The BRAN" ... EVENTUALLY we settled on one that seems more than adequate in fact it MAY be a tad too big and I'm afraid folks will mistake us for the hospitality tent!!! ;D Anyway, it's pretty and big and we can stand up in it!! SWEET!! ;D

After buying a tent we then went to the computer store and Rex ran in and got me an Eee PC!! I've been DYING to get an Ipad but he said it might be too delicate for the BRAN and maybe I'll get one when I come back!!! ;) This little lap top is lovely though, perfect to carry with us, is wireless so ( provided I get a signal ) I can blog and even SKYPE from the road!! I'm really looking forward to being able to do that!! :D

Anyway, there ya go!! OH and then he took us to Whole Foods and bought us treats and lovely food for dinner...!! I'll let YOU figure out what my hubby's love language is....?? :D

So now I can blog or write my articles from the comfort of my couch right next to long as he can stand the tip tap tapping of the keys...!! ;D

Night all! ;D


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