Friday, April 30

Another fun and full day! ; D

Lots of fun today! Boot camp, day care, Lisa to visit, laughing and chatting, basket ball playing with the family, Lisa and family back to visit some more.... a late late night for the children!! and, a short, short blog post from me. How chintzy!!!

I'm really enjoying this basket ball thing. Jack came running into the house this afternoon asking me "Are you coming?" ... he grabbed my hand and jabbered " You are on MY team!!" as we headed out the door. Once outside he called "Wait UP guys!! Mummy is here! She is on MY team!!" Jack and I play hard but Jessie and Rex are a good challenge! Jessie is doing so well ! I'm really proud of her!

Lisa and I checked out our tent today.. well, Rex's tent. We have a family tent that's HUGE and there's no way we want to take that on the BRAN!! Folks would think it's the information tent or something ! I mean, it's enormous! Rex has a two person tent that he staked out for me the other day. It stood up fine to our terrible storms last night and is a really lovely tent but Lisa and I felt it might be a bit small for the two of us and all her our gear. Rex and I will go to Omaha ( with the kids! ) and look again tomorrow. Maybe we'll find a reasonably priced bigger one! ;D

Anyhoo... Jack had come and asked me to take him to bed a while ago and Jessie was fast asleep on the couch. We tried waking her but BOY she doesn't like to be woken when she's so tired. Looks like she's sleeping down here tonight! ;D

I'm really ready for bed too, so I will post more tomorrow! :D

Night night all! ;D

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