Tuesday, April 27

Boot Camp, Short Nap, Day Care, Hu Hot, Lights Out! ;D

Had ANOTHER awesome day!!! ;D ( I KNOW!! How lucky am I?!?! ) Went to Boot Camp this morning and loved it as usual! After BC I headed home and hung around with Hubby for a while. Later in the afternoon I had a short nap ( twice in two days!! I need to adjust my calorie intake I think, I'm always exhausted around 2pm....!) and then went back to Boot Camp to host the PM shift of Day Care. The kids were WILD tonight, full moon of course!!! Doh!!! Rex came and picked me up after day care ended and we went to meet friends at the Hu Hot Mongolian Grill. I've never been before but my goodness we're going again! I LOVED it ! :D So good and so easy to eat healthily there!!!! YUMMMMM!! ;D Anyway, it's a school night so we had to get back to the babysitter by 10, we made it just in time! Had a great evening though!! Now, it's snuggle on the couch time and then, as my little brother used to say, "D.D.D. " (B.E.D...!)

Night all! ;D

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