Sunday, April 25


Did I not write a post yesterday!?!?! GAH!!!! I wanted to write a post every DAY!!! ***sob!!!*** I know what happened.... I wrote TWO examiner articles last night and must have thought I'd blogged one. Blast! OK, let's pretend this is Saturday's post.... a quick recap....

We got up at the crack of dawn, at 8:30 I took both kids to Kid's Boot Camp. At 10 we left and went to Astronomy Day at Morrill Hall. At 12:30 we went to Jimmy Johns ( Shimmy Shons! ) and had lunch with Rex then we went to pick up my New Bike!! ;D ( it wasn't ready.... Booo.... : ( ) We went to some computer shops to look at computers for Rex, then we went back to the bike store and I bought a BEEEEAAAAUUUUTiful new Surly Bike!! I LOVE it !!! From there we went to Antelope Park for the Earth Day celebrations.. such a lovely afternoon. We left there as it began to thunder and on the way home it poured so hard we couldn't drive!!! We got home, made dinner and the kiddoes watched a movie, THEN we went to bed. !! Doesn't look like much when you write it down... but it was a BUSY DAY!! :D

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