Sunday, May 2

Hello folks!!

I'm busy being spoiled rotten tonight!! Rex is not here tonight and I am sitting here on my couch, watching BONES streaming through the BluRay whilst typing away on my new little lap top!!! Lucky me!! :D Of course now the dog needs to go out.....tsk.... and the kettle has just boiled so I'll let the dog out and make myself a cuppa tea! :D All I'd need now is a biiiig bar of chocolate! :D

We had a nice day today...Jack was a pretty good little boy but he misses his Daddy pretty badly. We have a hard time talking to Daddy on the phone as Jack really doesn't like share !! Poor kiddo.

I played basket ball with the kiddoes, played Twister, folded a TON of laundry and yet still there is much to do! :D I want to get a handle on our house pretty soon as we'll be taking off on our BRAN ride in no time at all and I don' t want to leave it in uproar!!

Lisa and I have started a BRAN blog which, when there is anything to share, I will do so!! Until then it's just ready for us to add deets as and when they come up!! We're hoping to ride on Friday for 70 miles. We figure we'll set out in the morning, stop for lunch and ride on and on !! :D

Well.... the dog still needs out and the kettle is not getting any hotter!! :D

Next time, peeps! ;D

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Risa said...

Got a link to the BRAN blog for us?