Monday, April 26

Monday ... right?!? :D

An awesome day in the Baker house! ;D Lisa and I had agreed we would go to Boot Camp this morning if we could walk... and we could walk! We rocked Boot Camp and then I held Day Care for an hour. We came home and I had a hot shower as it was SOOOOOO COLD today!!! What the heck is going on with the weather?!?!? When I got out the shower Mary and her kiddoes were here and they stayed and played until about 2:30. The kids always have such fun and I love chatting with Mary and drinking tea! ;D We talked about Nutella a lot. mmmmmmmmm Nutella!!! Sex in a jar, that's what it is!!!! Yummmmm!!!

Anyhoo... after they left I cleaned up a bit and then I went to bed!!! I was suddenly SOOOOO tired!!! I slept for a couple of hours and really could have slept longer but the children were freaking out ... Jack was throwing shoes and yelling.... not conducive to a peaceful nap!!! I felt much better though, for the nap I'd had! ;D

The rest of the evening was taken up with dinner and reading through some of the cycling mags Rex had bought me! There are some lovely rides out there... I'm already thinking of some nice ones for AFTER Bran!!! I guess we'd better get the GOOD tent then eh?!!? ;D


Catonine said...

yours isn't the 'good' tent?

I like it . Let me know if yall get a newer one and want to sell that one.

I mean it has a name and 3 rooms. Doesn't leak...much.. can't get better than that lol

Risa said...

There's some lovely cycling routes up my way, ya know. :-)