Sunday, March 28

What a swell party this is!! .... or was...!!! :D

Today was the day for Rex's birthday party so I had a few things I wanted to get done. Rex asked what he could do to help, so I said take the kids and leave the house!!! ;D He called up his buddy Jay and the two guys and their two kids each set off to the Omaha zoo!! ;D Apparently they all had a wonderful time!! I got SOOOOO much work done in this house!! ;D I completely cleaned out Jessie's room, which had been a dreadful mess, I even moved the bed and washed all the bedding! I did every scrap of laundry in the house, all washed, dried and put away.... I removed all the recycling, cleaned every room, dusted, hoovered, polished, washed, cleaned, tidied, sorted.... yesterday I had even cleaned out the fishtank and washed the dog!! ;D Hey, you never know what people are going to notice when they come to visit! ;D

Rex was out until 6:45.... the party started at 7....!! ;D I was ready when they got here and the birthday cake was warm out of the oven!! Lots of our friends came and they all brought tons of food and wine..... ! We all sat and chatted and ate, ate and chatted! Rex and I said later that we should probably have played some games of some sort, we usually like a good game of cards or pictionary for sure.... ah well... I hope everyone had fun anyway!! All the kids played so nicely together in the basement or up in the kids rooms we barely saw them most of the time! Our last guests went home about midnight and by ten minutes later Jessie and Jack were fast asleep! I think Jack was in mid sentence talking to me when he fell asleep! The dishwasher is now running, the table is all cleared off, the kitchen is clean and everything is back as it was. If it weren't for the fridge full of left overs you wouldn't know there had been a party here tonight! ;D

We had a really lovely time... I'm so grateful that Rex and I have such lovely friends.

Happy (un)Birthday, Hubby. ;D

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