Sunday, March 28

Worn out! ;D

I spent most of today in a sort of stupor~! :D I couldn't get myself motivated to do anything and felt really sluggish. I lay in bed reading for a while, got up, dressed, had breakfast and then sat in the sun on my bedroom floor and read some more! Once I'd finished my book I came down and spent some time with the kiddoes ( Rex was out for the day ) and after lunch I lay on the floor talking to the dog who was sleeping in the sun.... and.... I fell asleep too. I really needed the sun I think. It's starting to get warm here but the wind is strong and still chilly. I need HEAT! I need my bones to feel warm again!! I said to Jessie I think I am part Gecko or something! I need to sun to get me moving!! Once I'd slept a while and sufficiently warmed up we all went for a nice walk... Jack took his ( far too small ) tricycle... and along the way Jessie made friends with a sweet dog called Mia and a girl called Maisie. She was excited to make a new friend and I was happy for her!

Once home it was about time for bed and Jack said he was tired! Rex called and said he'd collected a basketball back board that I'd found on Freecycle and he'd picked up a new net to go with it! Jessie is going to be so excited! ;D

Other than that, folks, it was a very laid back day... just the way I like 'em! ;D

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