Wednesday, March 31

One Small Change

With Earth Day coming up this month it's hard to not think about the Earth and ways to "save" it. I'm not really an "Environmentalist".... I believe that climate change is a cyclical thing and has happened before and will indeed happen again. Nothing stays the same, everything changes..... However, having said that I will say that I see no need for the people on Earth to cause harm to the planet, to pollute, to use up all the finite resources with little or no regard for the future ahead. I've recently come across the blog One Small Change and have decided to try some small changes over here. We recycle already of course. I'm sure most people do these days? Now we are trying to do more "reusing" too. I try and repurpose plastic that won't recycle by using them to grow wheatgrass and such..and we use glass jars for all sorts of things. I'm trying to buy products with less packaging, buying more local, trying to grow our own produce and hope for a bigger garden this year since I'm usually just a tomato grower!!! We're growing lots of sprouts and have seeds already started to go in the garden very soon. However, we're also going to be putting up a washing line again to hang laundry out to dry. My line used to run under three huge cottonwood trees which would result in my damp laundry being covered first with cotton and then secondly with bird poop. Not a happy result. I'm working on getting my hubby to put up another line for me.... it seems like a lovely idea. I also want to work on our local council to get them to agree to allow chickens to be kept within the city limits.. this year seems like a good one for that.

This coming month the children and I are planning to start taking take trash bags with us on our walks through the town. We often pick up garbage we find but there is sometimes more than we can or we WANT to carry so a trash bag will be a great solution. This Small Change will certainly make a difference to the little footpaths we frequent. Another plan for this coming month is to Seed Bomb the river sides along our walk. There is a small little river that runs through the town and the banks are crying out for wild flowers. I'd LOVE to see some sprouting up, a sort of "Miss Rumphius" kind of thing.

The biggest change I would like to make this coming month is to move towards "Family Cloth".... I'm not sure Rex is keen and I'm fine with that, but I certainly would like to try it out... so there you go.... One Small Change actually inspired several small changes! :D

Are there any changes you would like to make this month?


We're back from our walk through the neighborhood and happily we collected two full bags of trash. Sadly we collected two full bags of trash and we had to leave some behind as our bags were FULL....

Tomorrow, another walk... another couple of bags.... Small Changes....

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