Tuesday, March 30

Totally Terrific Tuesday! ;D

Wow we had a lovely day today!! It really helps that the weather was wonderful and hey, I wasn't puking!! Score!!! I laid in bed for HOURS this morning reading my books whilst Rex slept and slept.... he has a sinus infection and wasn't feeling the best. The kids took advantage and played downstairs in peace! I took the kids and dogs out for a walk after lunch and they played in the huge streams formed from the melted snow! It was so muddy they got filthy filthy but had a wonderful time!!!! Once home the children played outside for a while with Daddy pushing them ever higher on the swings!! They squealed and laughed with fear and delight! I ended up sitting in the shade of the house as too much sun too soon can give me, guess what? Migraines!! I managed to miss another one today SO THAT'S GOOD!! :D Around dinner time Rex suggested calling some friends of ours and asking them to come over and bring pizza!! SCORE!! They came soon after with two huge pizzas and their three small children ( um, the friend's children, not the pizza's children, right? ) Rex and Jay went to the garage to work on a planter they were building and Elayne and the kiddoes stayed inside ... the children all played together and Elayne and I chatted on and on over pot after pot of Darjeeling tea! ;D ( Darjeeling makes me come over all posh and call everyone Dahhhhling!!! Care for some Darjeeling, Daahhhling??) LOL!!

Anyhoo.... after the planter was completed the "MEN" came inside and played a few games of chess whilst Elayne, Jessie, Jack and I played Pictionary! We laughed and played and drank more tea...!! About 11pm my children were asking to go to bed!! Poor kiddoes! They don't do late nights well!! We had thought about the grownups watching The Hangover together ( I love that movie!!) but it just got too late to be a sensible idea and I planned to make another attempt at Boot Camp in the morning so we postponed that plan and Jay and Elayne went home....until next time!! ;D Rex and I walked out to see them off when they left and we listened to the frogs croaking and noticed moths on the side of the house..... the temperature was still 64 degrees..... wonderful! We had such fun this evening, I hope to do it again SOON!!

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