Wednesday, March 31

Just thinking out loud! ;D

So it's occurred to me this is not so much of an AP parenting blog these days, is it?!?! :D Sorry about that, swings and roundabouts you know! ; D

I went to Boot Camp again this morning and feel fantastic so far.... yeah.... remember Monday??? It could still go horribly wrong but hopefully I took the right precautions today, stuffed myself with carbs, took Gatorade with me and ate Shock Blocks ( or something like that.... gross things but crammed with carbs and electrolytes. ) All being well I'll avoid the migraine today! Boot Camp is really really hard work but it feels SOOOO good when it quits!! Luckily the guy teaching it is soooo friendly and nice you can't help but forgive his obviously sadistic nature!! ;D

The temperature is already 63 outside and the kids and I are going to go for a quick walk with the dogs to stretch out my legs then we're going to meet Lisa at Pioneers Park for a picnic!! Should be lots of fun! We might even get in a bike ride tonight....!!! Are we mad?? Why yes, we are! :D

So enjoy your day, hope it's a warm one for ya! ;D

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