Friday, March 26

Speeeeding along! ;D

Remember my quest to slow down a little, be more mindful, do more yoga... yadda yadda yadda... and remember my complaint that since making that quest life has instead sped up to be a blur!?!? LOL!! Well yeah, here I am, speeding along!!! ;D

It's Rex's birthday party tomorrow night ( and if I hadn't invited you, please, consider this your invite! ) and I have to get the house organized and cleaned, food prepared, cake baked, children bathed ...*** breathe, breathe***!! :D Actually, I'm not all that worried about it, it will all be just fine. I HAVE asked Rex to take the kids out for the day though... it's SSOOOOOO much easier to clean a house when no one is in it, even if they ARE really willing to help! :D

Anyway, I have just found this blog, and it has inspired me, again, to slow down. Ahhhhhh. One of the things it suggests is to go to bed early and get up early... yah... I seem to have forgotten how to do that but it was something Rex and I were talking about today, so tonight, I am going to cut this post REALLY short and get an early night! ;D

Suffice it to say we had a lovely day, the weather was very nice ( a bit windy but not too bad! ) and the children played outside a lot! I got a lot of the housework done so it won't be too frantic tomorrow and I even cleaned out the fishtank and washed the dog! ;D

I hope you had a super day too! :D

Good (early) night! ;D

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Missusgarry said...

D'ya know, I have come to the exact same conclusion... to go to bed 'early' and get up early too - it's FAB... especially as the weather is getting so much more pleasant and it's not such a cruel deal, getting up when it's chilly!!! It works dunnitt!!!! :) xxxxx