Thursday, April 1

Blogging in!

Well I'm back from my third day of Boot Camp and today am feeling pretty good! I woke up feeling stiff but that makes me feel GOOD as if I have accomplished something! I Do have a stupid cold though. Nothing too major but annoying non the less. I can't remember, apart from Migraines, when I was last sick. It's been a year I'm sure! Anyway, that's annoying!!!

Today we are going for another walk with litter pick up in mind! It's a really windy day which makes litter pick up all the more challenging!

The kiddoes are being themselves today! Jack is being stubborn and slow to react and Jessie is being wild seemingly driving him daft on purpose! Who knows!? As long as they do it outside!! :D It seems such an obvious thing but it took me until only recently to realise that Jack's personality means he is slow to move. He can not or rather will not be hurried. For someone such as myself who is impatient and fast moving it's a real lesson to have to slow down and wait for him to be ready to do something. The more you rush him and pressure him, the slower the boy becomes!! Clearly this can set the stage for a battle of wills of epic proportions, but now I have learned it's Just Jack I can rein in my impatience and let him do a lot of things in his own sweet time. Naturally if there was an emergency then all bets are off!! ;D

Anyhoo... there you are, an update on our morning!! I imagine the rest of the day will revolve around tidying the kitchen up and sitting around reading in the sunshine!!

I hope you have a lovely day too! ;D

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