Sunday, March 7

Basket case! ;D

Today was a quiet one really! Rex's back was really paining him so I offered to drive him into Lincoln so he could visit his Mum. Jessie and Jack came along for the ride. I made a couple of stops on the way home, the grocery store, Blockbuster and Goodwill then we rode home in relative merriment!! When we got home we had some of our homemade bread and some jam and Jack found a novel way to keep his bread away from the dog who is almost as carb addicted as he is......

He's pretty smart that boy! ;D

I got to work on making some dinner for us and also for some friends. I made Black Bean soup and some more bread rolls. Jessie and I packaged it all up... the soup into a 3 quart crock I bought from Goodwill and the bread rolls, still warm, tucked into a basket and covered with a Welsh tea towel ( the irony being our friends are Scots!! ;P ) She and I drove it out to North Lincoln but we stopped along the way to pick up a birthday card and a Hershey's Brownie bar for my friend whose birthday is today. Her house is right on the way to our friends, the Scots! ;D We quickly stopped by there to drop it off, on to our friends, dropped off their soup and back home again to put our bread rolls in the oven !!! YUM!! ;D Jack and I watched the timer count down from one minute.... (MATH!!) and then we hoisted out our delicious bread and Jack proudly handed a roll out to everyone! He was especially squirrley today, I think because we didn't do our morning Yoga and we didn't go for our walk today. He spent too much time by the TV and not enough time on other things. Before bed tonight the children and I did a little Yoga in Jack's bedroom. I LOVE the way it calms them down and they both start talking in hushed tones and moving slowly!! Both kids fast asleep and another weekend flown by.



Niecey said...

It was delicious!!! And we noticed the tea towel hehe.
Thank you so so much. The rolls were fabulous too! Soooo good. You're an angel.

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks, Niecey..!! ;D