Tuesday, March 9

More less computer time ( LOL!!) Yoga, walking, library van and dinner...!

Today was the sort of day that does ( and did ) make me a little nutso. It's the sort of day where I will start one thing only to have someone (usually someone small) beggar it up for me! Well they'll certainly interrupt it with something TERRIBLY important like a desperate thirst that can not be quenched unaided, perhaps someone has once again pilfered bread from the fridge and a pitched battle must ensue.... or, and this is more frequent

"Look at ME!!"

"Watch THIS!"



LOL!! Now I don't really mind since this is indeed why I stay home and we homeschool and all the rest of it, but once in a while I forget and I Try to Get Something Done.!! It's pitiful and laughable really, how I keep vainly trying and then am surprised, again, at how, again, I have failed to accomplish one solitary task in my entire day....!! Ah well... we're all pretty darn happy and I think that counts for a hell of a lot!

I tried to stay off the computer as much as possible today and did a reasonable job of it, but not great. Better tomorrow I'm sure...!!! We did an abbreviated yoga today due to the aforementioned interruptions. Still. We did some. Some is better than none and sometimes Some is Enough. We did get out for a lovely walk in the damp and drizzly weather. We threw sticks into the swollen stream and tried to follow them along to watch them pass under the bridge... sadly they kept getting stuck or pulled under by mysterious forces!! Ah well!! ;D ( just noticed I say Ah well a lot don't I ....!! Ah. W.... hmmmm!! ) We also came upon a streetsweeper who stopped for us and we got a good look at his brushes and whathaveyou. Jack was intrigued!

Once home I had the children kick off their muddy boots, put on their shoes and head straight back out to the van! We were headed to the library van or, Bookmobile to those of you who aren't of the English persuasion! 'D Would you believe the phone rang, and I'm not kidding, 3 times in the two minutes I was taking to gather 4 books together!!! THREE TIMES!!! AND each time the caller wanted to really talk!! BAH!! STOP!!!! I'm just about to get my BOOK FIX!!! We finally made it to the van and we swore to only get 5 books each this time. Ahem. Yeah. 5 DOZEN more like!! We always take hundreds of books out!! (ok, ok, not hundreds but it sounds way better than "We always take TENS of books out..!! ) We certainly take enough out that other patrons look at us and comment. ** rolls eyes** !! :D

Anyway, after the library van we came home, the kids tucked into their books and I went BACK OUT to the reading room in Hickman to drop off two bags of their books we have had for MONTHS! There is no due date on their books but I HATE having something that isn't mine for too long. It hangs over my head and bothers me!! No more! They are BACK where they belong!! So I got home finally, Hubby was home and dinner was called for..... and you pretty much know our routine from there!! ;D Yup, kids yoga, kids bed, kids sleep. Me blog, me couch, me chocolate!! ;D

More tomorrow!! ;D Betchya can't wait!! ;D

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