Friday, March 12

Won't someone please stop the ride? I want to get off!!!!!!

Just for a little while?? Maybe a day or two??? Perhaps they could just slow the ride down a bit?!?!!? Is it just me or does the Earth seem to be spinning at triple speed for you too?!? Gah. I can't even begin to explain how busy things are at the moment!! It's not even anything major it's just constant little stuff!!! I don't mean to complain but since I decided to try and slow down it's as if the Universe had a good laugh and gave the Earth and almighty shove like a roulette wheel!!! ;D LOL!! Ah well... it will slow down again eventually I'm sure.... nothing ever stays the same!

I was going through some blogs today looking for Montessori type stuff... I love the orderly~ness of it all, it really appeals to me, but I realised the irony. I finally have time to look for all these great ideas and to make up the trays and so on... and the reason I have time is because the kids are older and don't need me every second of the day.... but ... now they are older they are too old for all the trays and manipulatives I now have time to make. *** sigh*** I did manage to make up a couple for Jack... he really enjoyed them. They are probably a bit basic for him, but he was happy to play and even Jessie asked if she could have a go!! ;D

Oh.... and this was eye opening..... Lucy, our little puppy, is in heat again. We've never had her spayed though do not want to have puppies with her, I'm not sure why we haven't done it, probably it was cost prohibitive at the time and as she is only in season once a year it didn't seem to be a big deal. Anyway, as she IS in heat I have her tied to my office table where she spends a lot of her time anyway. She's in the middle of everything, can see the front door, the table where we spend most of the day and the kitchen but she can't get more than a few feet out. ( this is basically just for cleanliness issues by the way ) Anyhoo.... I was putting Jack to bed tonight and .... his bedding was wet. Yup. The dog had peed on them again!!!!!!!!! What????? Waaaaait...... Yeah. Turns out it wasn't the dog.... it was the damn cat. I don't believe it. All this time and I've been blaming the poor dog !!!! No wonder she looked confused when I'd yell at her!!!!! I feel terrible. I don't quite understand why it doesn't smell of cat pee though.... it HAS to be the cat... unless Jack managed to sneak away, carefully pee on his bed without getting any on himself..... strange. Anyway, the dog has been vindicated!!! And I still have to keep the bedroom door CLOSED at all times. Bah!!!

Chocolate anyone.....?????

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