Wednesday, March 10

Busy doing nothing!!!

Wow! WHAT a day. I honestly just ... well.... I can't describe how busy today has been. I have accomplished very little in the work department. I had to get out for a walk and since Rex was home Jack wanted to stay here so it was just Jessie and me. It was SOOOO nice to get out. I really needed it. Everything felt frantic today! The flow was just OFF !!! I seemed to race from one task to the next to the next to the next!!! I was just finishing off cooking dinner to take to our friends again when Rex's cell phone rang. It was noisy (ish ) in the living room so he went upstairs to take the call. As soon as he went upstairs the house phone rang, it was my beloved pal, Lisa O.K from Michigan. We'd not spoken in ages and I love to talk ( and talk!) to her. We'd just begun a conversation when I noticed a vehicle in our driveway. Someone had come to bring me work photographs and some receipts. The dogs started barking and my timer on the oven went off. Sheesh. MADNESS!!!!!! I was feeling rushed anyway as I wanted to get the meal on the road so that it would be a) still warm and b) delivered at a reasonable time!! It's not really fair to have people sit there waiting to eat, especially when they have little kiddies too!! The folks with the photos left, Rex said he'd come along for the ride with me and the kiddoes and we bundled everything into the van and headed out. We'd made cornbread to go with some chili and rice and I'd doubled the recipe so we took several warm cornbread muffins along with us to eat in the car!! We had a lovely quick visit with Niecey and Rene and Niecey showed me all the seedlings she's growing!! I'm really inspired to have ANOTHER go but as I told her, I have a black thumb when it comes to growing things!!! Anyway, on the way home we stopped off at a fabulous store I'd never seen before called Rocket Fizz where they sell TONS of pop but also a nice selection of BRITISH SWEETS!!! Rex sent me in with some cash and instructions to buy one thing for each of us...!! I picked out a Crunchie, Cadbury's Buttons, Rolos and a Galaxy bar. I figured I'd let everyone pick what they thought they'd like and I'd be happy with whatever was left! They also had Aero, Curly Wurlys, English Mars bars, and a whole bunch more !! I was left spinning with the choices!!! After my candy fix I felt happy enough to take the whole family to Pet Smart!! ;D Wheeeee!! Jack and Jessie and, oh what the heck, I, love that place! There are always friendly dogs to meet, kittens and cats to drool over and often animals at play at the doggie day care center! Jessie loves the grooming center and goes in and chats with the ladies who work there. You have to watch her she could be there hours if you let her! Jessie has decided that she wants to grow up and work at the pet hotel in Pet Smart. She's getting it all worked out. She also has started playing a game we got at the library called Emergency Vet (2) ! Victoria played Emergency Vet (1) when she was here a while back. Jessie is really into it now and seems to be doing well!

Anyway, once home we packed the kids off to bed and I was so tired I deliberately lay down with Jack and slept. Rex woke me about 10 but I honestly could have slept there all night long! I'm going back to bed now! Tomorrow is unfinished project day and hopefully will be nice, long, peaceful and relaxing day!!!

Enjoy your day too! ;D

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Missusgarry said...

PHEWWWWWWWW...I'm exhausted just READING that!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xx