Saturday, March 6

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! ;D

What a glorious day!! The sun shone most of the day and the temp got up to a crazy 62 degrees! There is nothing left of our snowman now, only a sad pile of seed pods and a carrot!! The children and I did our Yoga again this morning, I cleaned out the cat litter boxes ( whoopie! ) and we sorted out the recycling. ( finally! Man that stuff adds UP!! ) I watched with longing as several cyclists rode past our house today. I NEEEEEED to get back on my bike. It would have been a good day for it but Rex's friend came over to visit and they spent the day out of the house. Maybe tomorrow! I finished off my little felt bird ( which really wouldn't have taken long if I'd just done it all at once but TIME is the trouble around here!! )the kiddies played outside with a small skateboard that their Daddy found for them, I read some of my book ( and by some I mean about half a page ) and then fell asleep for an hour on my bed as a lovely breeze blew in from an OPEN WINDOW in my room!! Yup!! We opened windows in the house today and FRESH AIR came in !! ;D What a treat!!

hmmm.... what else did we do?!? ;D Oh yes....535 today was Michelangelo's birthday. I thought I knew "stuff" about Mickey, but turns out I really didn't know very much at all! :D I know a lot more now though thanks to Alicia ( again! ) She suggested in her column that we learn about the fabulous artworks of his .... can you imagine all that talent in one so young? and that we try and recreate "God Creates Adam" whilst lying on our backs under the dining table!!! Well naturally that appealed to my crew and we gave it a go....! Here are our results!! :D

Jack went for a more abstract approach!!!!

Jessie and I took Lucy for a quick nature walk this evening. We were amazed at the snow run off POURING down the streets. It sounded like a river running into the drains. We noticed the grass was taking on a greenish "hue" !!! I told her today that this year it really feels as if we have survived something by making it though until Spring. I know I had begun to doubt if Spring would ever come!!!!

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Risa said...

Love the artwork under the table! I'll have to give that a go with my two.