Saturday, March 13


I spent the majority of the day laying around and reading my book today!!! ;D I am so spoiled!!! I was still sitting in bed reading at 11am when I heard the dogs barking and thunderous footsteps heading to the front door.... I heard squealing from the kids and Jessie yelled up the stairs that our friends had "stopped by" !! ACK!! I jumped up and threw on clothes!! :D really...I'm pitiful!! Typically the house was a disaster zone!! The dining table was littered with various projects, the kitchen was full of dishes as I hadn't run the dishwasher the night before and there was literally a pile of laundry on the couch that needed folding! I really never leave laundry on the couch... but of course, the one time I do.... GUESTS!! I LOVE when people just stop by but they ALWAYS do it when the house is trashed!! Why is it that folks never spontaneously appear when the house is in tip top shape and spiffy looking??! That has NEVER happened to me and believe it or not, my house DOES look nice a lot of the time!!! ;D Ah well!! It's a lesson that I shouldn't be laying around all day I suppose!! To be fair I did get up early and check on the children. I also made myself a nice hot cup of tea.... and took it back up to bed!! :D The kids were fine for the most part but they would squabble once in a while and interrupt my reading again!! :D Anyway, once our friends left that would have been when I took a shower and got started, right?? Sort of. I DID clean up the kitchen ( a day late and a dollar short ) and get the laundry upstairs, but, when it came time to take a shower... well... I "accidentally" lay back down on my bed and read some more!! :D Bad me!!! The dog and the cat came and lay with me too and later Jackster came up and also snuggled with me! It was very nice!! Eventually I came back down and we had some lunch then the children and I planted some seeds into some neat little expanding flower pot thingys... I did take a pic or two but I'm using Jessie's computer as Rex is on mine and so... ya know... no pics! We also planted some seeds in old egg cartons so we'll see what we shall see!! ;D

Anyway, that's enough from me I think...!! What I'd dearly like to do is to go back to bed and read some more!!! I'll probably end up having to stay up and help Rex as he's trying to help ME put a document together for work.... is it too much if I just say Goodnight and then I bugger off to bed??! hmmm... thought so !! : D

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Cadi said...

Just thought I'd let you know that your blog makes me laugh - in a good way. Thank you for that! The headline is hilarious!