Monday, March 8

Less computer time makes for a longer day, challenging the status quo, walking in the rain and making lemonade from lemons....sort of! :D

Today was a Monday. Yes, yes it was! :D It didn't go so badly, I enjoyed it! Jack spent almost the entire day glued to PBS but there ya go. It didn't kill him, he learned some stuff and did connect with each other once in a while! ;D First thing in the morning ( well, you know, 9ish..!! ) we did our Yoga again ( you are probably so sick of hearing this! ) and then Jessie read a smidgen of the Handbook of Nature Studies. She read aloud a section on keeping Raccoons as!! I sat and made bracelets for my poor friends who failed to get Valentine's Cards from me. We did an online swap and for some reason, I don't know what, I can NOT get these darn cards in the mail. I don't know WHAT is holding me up. Maybe I'm just not sure I love the ones I made. Eh. Anyway, I have now made St. Patrick's Day bracelets to accompany them and hopefully make everyone forget how lame I am!! ;D

I had decided to spend less time on the computer today, one hour on, two hours off was my plan. It worked pretty well AND I got three loads of laundry washed, folded and put away!!! LOL!! It's amazing what you can do when you have HOURS AND HOURS AVAILABLE!! ;D I used to spend all my time on Yahoo groups but now facebook is my time thief. I scan now.... it's faster! ; D

In one of the online groups I spend a lot of time on, there was a fleeting discussion about keeping chickens. Apparently it's possible to keep chickens in New York and even here in Lincoln, NE you can have 2 chickens without a permit. Here in my small town though.... nope. No way. Uh huh. NEEEEVER gonna happen....etc etc. Yeah. If you know me, you know I'm smiling....!! It's SOOOOO going to happen! ;D ( well, you know, unless something else shiny comes along before I've finished my task!!) but I totally want to change the law!!! I had a couple of emails back and forth with the city office this morning, I was visited by a "city official" only I know better! He's on the maintenance crew and a really nice guy! AND I got a phone call from the zoning administrator who is a lovely lady and surprisingly sympathetic to my cause! ( oooh!! I have a "cause!!" ) Jessie was so disappointed when I told her we couldn't keep chickens here, but now we're all fired up to "CHANGE THE LAW" and make "Chickens for all" our motto! ;D We'll see......!!!

We really had to go out for our "Nature Walk" today but Jack was stalling us and we just couldn't get started. We finally got the dog's leads on, shoes on, bathroom breaks taken care of and what have you.... only to find it had started to POUR with rain!!!We went anyway!! ;D We got soaked but the SMELL!! It was beautiful! Wet earth!! It hasn't rained here in months!!! The grass is going to be green by morning at this rate! ;D

We got home in time for Jessie to finish off her breadsticks only she found her dough to be so perfect she couldn't stand to cut it so we chose to make a roasted veggie pizza instead!

:D I had some asparagus and broccoli I needed to use so we roasted it in the oven first the put the veg on top of a layer of marinara, added olives, some mozzarella and were ready to put it in the oven.... only..... it stuck to the cutting board and we had to roll the dough up to make.....a pizza ROLL~~ It was delicious and Jessie ended up being very proud of her invention! ;D

The kids and Daddy practiced some Judo before bed with handstands,

Jack's idea of a headstand

Jessie is getting better at them, with a little help from her Daddy!

punches, throws etc.... always fun.....!! :} and then we went up to bed. As I was getting Jack ready I noticed something crawling on his head. I went to grab it just as Jessie grabbed me. Jack jumped away and I lost the "critter." I told Jack I was looking for a bug in his hair and his eyes got wide.... and wider and wider and wider.....he screeched "SPIDER?!?!?!?!" and started wildly smacking at his hair and head. "GET IT OUT!!! GET IT OUT!!!" he screamed!!! Thinking fast I said "Oh! Look! There on the floor.... it was just a piece of fluff!!" LOL!! Poor kid!!! Jessie said "Did you SEE his FACE?!?!!?!?" and I said "Yeah, that's what absolutely bloody terrified looks like!!! " LOL!!

Anyway, I'm off to eat more chocolate roasted almonds and then bed. I can hardly keep my eyes open! ;D G'night folks! :D


Missusgarry said...

I love, LOVE the way you write... so descriptive I'm almost there with you! Love the pics too... fab! Ooooh, when will it be time to come over again.... must start saving up! Have fun today :)

Niecey said...

Looks like a lot of fun.
Good luck with the chicken law. :) Have you been following Amy (Crunchy domestic goddess)'s adventures with the same issue in her town?
Some laws are just so stupid.