Saturday, March 13

I have a new addiction!!! ;D

Yes!! Besides running, biking, being Vegan, being "Gorgeous" ( I accidentally typed Gorgerous and thought that was actually pretty funny!! ) doing Yoga, baking bread, keeping up with the laundry, Nature Walking, Knitting, Crochet, trying Montessori stuff, working, banning books, law changing and chicken wrangling I have found a new addiction..... Needle Felting!!!! ***swoons!!***..... it's soooooo easy!! and SOOOOO addictive!!!! I found myself in Ye Olde Yarne Shoppe today.... oh boy. I drooled on all the gorgeous wool.... the colors, the textures... the PRICES! Holy CRAP!! Since when did wool get so... oh!! ... Pretty!!!.... soooooft!!!!.....!! Happily for me, roving is NOT expensive AND you get TONS for very little. The felting needles aren't too expensive either and since for the stuff I'm doing,, I only need one I am a happy camper!! ;D

I sat on the couch tonight and watched The King and I with Rexy ( **Gasp!** I LOVE those dresses!! I remember as a little girl watching the movie and just LOVING the big BIG skirts!!! ) and I made my first felt "piece!" It's a pretty lady with loooong hair doing Yoga!! It's not me though, this one is very bendy as she's in the lotus position AND she has brown eyes... so there!! ;D Oh and when I say this addiction is cheap, consider the fact that for the lips on this lady, I had to use perhaps four strands of wool... I mean four threads... and they were really short!!! Less is more here!! Of course I can imagine I'll move onto bigger things but only when I have SOOO much roving I won't even have to think about it. I'm like those people you know who have yards and yards of beautiful fabric but they don't want to spoil it by cutting it!!! :D I KNOW you know people like that!! ;D

Anyway, here's a pic of my first attempt. Be kind!! ;D

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