Monday, December 1

yeahy!! December is HERE!! :D

Our Advent cup today said "Play Christmas Music all day and decorate the Christmas Trees!!" so that's what we'll be doing today!! There's snow on the ground and lots of Christmas spirit going on!! The kids have had their oatmeal and are desperate to go play outside so I'll send them out whilst I finish up our Christmas cards. I can't believe how many cards there are to mail and my stomach just lurched when I realised how much it's going to cost to mail them all!! :D I may have to get a little ruthless with the list... it's true, I have too much ruth! It's too bad though, when you only hear from someone once a year and then all you get is their name scrawled across the bottom of a card....!! It's not really worth it for them, or you, if you know what I mean!! LOL!! I'd rather have fewer cards with some words written in them then a thousand cards with only a name on the bottom!! Eh, maybe that's just me. And my Mum. !! :D

So, off to start the day!! :D This month is going to be a really busy and exciting one and I . just . can't . WAIT!! :D

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