Thursday, December 4


**Wails...** I'm not having good financial luck at the moment! :D At one am this morning I found a CREDIT CARD bill I forgot to pay........! ACK! This never happens. I'm VERY fiscally responsible and I'm REALLY upset this happened. THEN today I keep getting messages from Amazon that the card number I have entered is not working ( not the same card, thank god!) and and and.... ugh!! The Amazon stuff is simple to fix but, so frustrating! Just when I was feeling good about getting all my shopping done, and it comes back to haunt me!! ;D

I knew I shouldn't shop so late at night!! ;D


Momo Fali said...

No, dear. There is no such thing as a bad time to shop. I'm pretty sure Amazon especially loves it when I've had some wine beforehand.

Catonine said...

call the company and let them know you mis-laid the bill. Ask them since you haven't ever been late before if they will waive the late fee. Most companies will do this. Depending on the late fee could be really worth it to ask :-)

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