Wednesday, December 3

Oh! It's THAT time of year again!!

I've just spent about 20 minutes getting the kiddoes dressed up to play in the snow! ( there's not much really, a thick layer of dust sort of thing, but that's enough for my two!! ) Anyway, Jack has a vest, undies, a long sleeve shirt, socks, jeans, snow pants, a hoody, sneakers ( I KNOW! I can't find the liners to his boots, I'm pretty sure I stuck them in the Goodwill pile by mistake...!! :}) a pair of gloves, a scarf, a hat and a winter coat on! You have to hustle to get them dressed as otherwise they start to takes 20 minutes to get them dressed and who's willing to bet me that they'll be back in within 10 minutes, frozen, and demanding hot chocolate. Oh it takes about 10 minutes to take everything off again and it will no doubt be wet and flung in a heap in the hallway!!!! Ho ho ho !! ;P * sigh *

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