Tuesday, December 2


In an effort to quickly find something that would keep Jack off the computer whilst I took the dog out I stumbled upon Show Jumping on the TV. Jack was intrigued and I called Jessie to come and look. **WRONG** !! She was, to say the least, excited!! As she was only half dressed and fascinated, it was necessary for her to race up the stairs, grab the remainder of her clothes and then tear back down stairs to finish dressing. She just RAN into the kitchen and said, in a breathless voice, MUM!! Can you please get me a cup of tea! With honey!! I don't want to miss a THING!!!!!!


Can you say hooked??? Can you spell "New Ambition" Can you hear the ching ching of coins spilling from my bank account already?!!?!?!? :D LOL!!!


Alicia said...

What on earth is Show Jumping? I watch a fair amount of TV and have never seen anything like it. I like jumping! Perhaps I should check it out. But why is jumping expensive? Are there jumping accessories one must buy to participate?

Oh yes! I'm here to tell you I've awarded you the Butterfly Award of Bad Grammar. (No, it's not your grammar that's bad, just the butterfly award thinker-upper. Your grammar is quite good, and fun.)

See my blog for your lovely (tiny bit embarrassing) graphic! :)

Gorgeous. said...

*sigh*... and, indeed, *tsk*....!!!

Do you know how many people have emailed me privately to ask WHAT is Show Jumping?!?!! I'm APPALLED at you people!!!!! LOL!!! Show Jumping is where ...hmm... well... fancy people... ok... there are these horses, and then folks in VERY smart clothes ride on them, but the horses have to jump these HUGE fences with the riders on their backs of course. Now the event is timed and if a horse's hoof knocks one of the bars on the fence or should the rider fall off etc a time penalty is given. The one who jumps all the jumps the fastest wins. ...Easy, eh!?! :D (I'm sure you'd be wonderful at jumping sweetie, but these fences are awful high!! ;D)

PS... thanks SO for the award!!! I am HONORED!!! :D ** bows** AND I accept. I would like to thank the academy, my producers ( Mum and Dad ) and my fellow cast members, played by the indubitable Rexy, the troublesome duo, Jessie and Jack and assorted extras in the form of dogs, cats, rats, gerbil and fish!!!... What??!! Time's up!?!?! Wha.... HEY...!!! Watch where you put that stick.....!!!!!.............

Catonine said...

UM Well I thought about horses for half a second and then I thought well ... what with the expensive comment and the TV comment I just figured it was some satellite tv game. Ha ok. So Does Jesse want a Thorough Bred Horse with a 1000 dollar saddle now?

Oh and the check word thingie mabob is scronorm. no kidding SCRONORM. What is a scronorm??