Thursday, December 4

Ugh! :D

Well I went to bed at about 1:40 last night or rather this morning. Bleurgh. I slept like a rock, but then the kids came and woke me up ( WHY!?!?! WHY!?!?! ) at 6:45! That wouldn't be too bad ordinarily but man, I was sleeping so nicely!! :D

It's taking me a while to get moving this morning and it's sooo cold out today! Our advent cup tells me it's Gingerbread Making Day!! Whoopieee!! I do enjoy it, but like the tree decorating, it takes a lot longer than I think it will and it's a pretty involved process..!! Actually I wasn't thinking, today is just the putting together of the dough, that's easy! Tomorrow I will make templates and bake it and then on Monday we are having our Annual Gingerbread House Making Party!! It's a really fun day!!

I think for now I'm going to drag myself upstairs and plunge myself into a cold shower ( hah, hot! I know I won't do a cold shower....!!) and see if I can get myself moving. The kids are out in the "snow" and it's 19 out with a vicious windchill!! They are well bundled and having a ball ! I love when they come in bringing in the cold air and rosy cheeks!! I promised them hot chocolate when they come in today! They've already been out once this morning!! Nutters! The pair of them! They were out playing in the pitch dark and freezing cold last night!!!

Not me! I'm staying IN !! : D

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