Sunday, November 30

Photos from our Thanksgiving table..!

Jack is a bit of jokester.... here he is pretending to be "Grandma" !!! I'm not sure why he thinks Grandma wears her glasses IN her nose, but there ya go! : D

He's actually a dead ringer for her...!! :D

I have NO IDEA where the children get their sense of humor... hmmm......

A familiar pose of Jack's...!

Jessie giggling...!

Our yummy pies....!!


And again... see what happens the more sugar they get in their system! :D


Me and my Puppy! :D


Jack and the cream BEFORE the insanity that was the video clip....!!


Jessie going slightly crazy... note the empty plate from the pie...!!!


And Jack, trying to hide behind a fork.. Not so successful there, Jackster! :D

We really had a lovely thanksgiving... and yes...we did eat more than pie!! : D


Barb said...

OMG!! i want that pie at the bottom of the pic... what is it?

Gorgeous. said...

That, my dear friend, is my infamous Gingered Pumpkin Pie!!! You'll try it and never go back!! 'D