Sunday, November 30

I bet it's for world peace and harmony!!

It's traditional in our family to make a Christmas Cake... its' a fruit cake and I know in America that's French for God Awful but in England and in our house, fruit cake is just fine. The fact that it's made at least a month in advance ( preferably a year, but who's that organized?!?! ) and liberally soaked in Brandy every couple of days ( hours..! ) may have something to do with it! It's also caked in a layer of marzipan and then topped with a thick layer of royal icing... it's something to behold I'll tell ya! My brother and I would always snap off the tips of the frosting so that, though it had started out as a sort of spiky looking cake, it would end up more rounded!!! I think you will either know what I'm talking about or will be totally lost there... ah well... moving on!! :D

Anyway, another tradition with the cake is to stir in a wish when you mix it together. I remember wishing on the cake as a child and we have done every year since. Today was our Christmas Cake making day so we got all the ingredients together and mixed it all up. I made a half sized cake this year, otherwise it's HUGE!!.. As we got ready to mix in the wishes I called my brother in Wales. He, his wife and my nephew all had a wish whilst I stirred for them! I also called my Mum in England and she had a wish too!! I couldn't get hubby on the phone ( he's out shopping..!) so I wished on his behalf but the kids got to wish "Live and In Person!!" Here are the pics to prove it.... they look like pretty serious wishes to me....!! : D

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