Sunday, November 30

Shopping for Christmas Trees...!!

We love to go and get our Christmas Trees from a local tree farm not too many miles from us. Rex's family have been going there for centuries....(!!)



The kids love to just run around and search out trees...! Jack keep shouting out "Here's a TINY one, Jessie!!!"


Too much sugar or fresh air?!?! :D

Too much fresh air?!!? LOL!!

After picking out the tree someone comes and KILLS IT for you ( ahem ) then you go into a little tiny shack with a lovely big heater and you get free hot chocolate and cookies.

The kids love to watch the trees get shaken and wrapped....

This one was HUGE!!!

We weren't sure it would fit in the wrapper.....

Is it stuck!?!?!?

Nope! They made it ( after a little kicking...!!)


Even hubby was surprised!!

And here's hubby, taking our much smaller tree to the truck!!!

Coming soon... DECORATED TREE PICS!!! LOL!!! ( but don't hold your breath!! :D )

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