Friday, December 19


Well last night we had an ice storm with thunder and lightening to boot!!! Exciting! :D We missed out on the heavy snow but we did get an extra layer and the ice on top will make sledding heaps of fun today! : D

We probably won't leave the house today, much to Mum's consternation! She NEEDS to shop! :D I don't tend to drive on ice and snow just for the hell of it! We'll wait until tomorrow when Rex said he would watch the children and Mum and I can go out and shop ALONE! That will be nice! The kids are fine, but we tend to do only one or two shops at a time and Garry.... well.... she's a shopper! 'D She's doing her part to restimulate the US economy and we should all be grateful to her for that! :D

The kids are starting to drive me bananas to be honest! Christmas is on it's way ( oh really!? I hear you gasp!!) and that's got them giddy. A week or so ago Alicia and gang were here which is exciting, then right after that Megan visited, then Garry arrived which just sent them over the top! All this attention! All this excitement!!! They are getting wound up, rude, unhelpful, naughty and just plain difficult. It's exhausting!!!! I try to see it from their point of view, but what makes me crazy is I'm trying to make this a really fun month for them and give them treats and make them happy... and the more I do that, the crazier they get! ;D They'd be better off if I made them sit down and do school every morning I think. I might have to do that... a little more structure, a little less sugar!!! :D

Well, it's time for me to get started ... bathroom's free!! :D

Have a wonderful Friday! :D Stay warm! :D

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