Monday, December 15

The Universe and I part II

Well the Universe and I came to an agreement! ;D The Universe would stop trying to bugger up everything I do and I, in turn, would stop trying to do anything!!! LOL!! Worked for me!! :D

The house is, erm, almost ready! ;D The bedspread is still mint green ( bugger bugger bugger ) but there isn't cat poop all over the floor anymore. ( thank heavens for small mercies! )

Mum just texted from the airport in Chicago and she has landed so it won't be long now until she is here!!! :D 3 hours!!! I've literally only got a few teensy things left to do, maybe I'll do them... maybe I won't!! I'll be soooo glad when tomorrow is here, then I won't have to "Get Ready" anymore!! It will all be too late!!! LOL!!!

OK I've set the timer for 5 minutes... I'm going to tackle the dining table! ( Well, not literally, that would hurt and the table would win, hands down. I AM going to try and get all the papers and junk of it! How's that?!!? :D )

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